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Welcome to my HomePage !

and thank you for your interest in me and my activity as a musician. 

My journey in music started when I was about 8. Back then I choosed to play guitar as part of the general educational program at school. My choice wasn't very passionate at that tme as I was mostly trying to avoid other less appealing instruments (you name them!). It wasn't until I got 12 that I realised that I really wanted to play and possibly become a musician. Back then I was exposed to people who could really play to my ears and to the english / american rock and blues which would accompany me since then along my journy.  The the fire was burning and would burn for many years to come. This journy has thus become and still is one of the most exciting experiences of my (current!) life. It has brought me plenty of excitments and at the same time insights about me and the world and people around me. If you choosed music at same point in your life you choosed to deal with yourself and your deepest nature, not just those strings on your instrument(s) and funny dots on the paper. So, be warned! :)

On this journey I have been both an enthusiastic autodidact as well as a (mostly!) diligent student in different istitutions. I have received help and guidance from many masters but have lerned not less from all my fellow musicians on the same journey. In fact I am still always learning! Which is another side-effect of being a musician!

In all these years I  exposed myself to very different styles, influences, interests and ended at one point specializing in EARLY MUSIC studying performance on most of the ancient plucked intruments such as the lute, the barock guitar, the theorbo and more recently the Colascione and the Baroque Mandoline. A friend once stated: "Oh well if it's plucked you'll be most likely able to play it!" - Don't know but I will be willing to give it a try at least! :)

While advancing in this career I always kept a link to modern music playing acoustic and electric guitar. In 2009 I attended a short programm at the Musician's Insitute in L.A. which helped me in reachng skills in the field of music production and modern performance.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this pages and if you wish to get in touch with me for whatever reason don't esitate to drop me a line!

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