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Private Teaching 


If you are in the area of Basel (CH) and wish to have music lessons with me please contact me through the 'Contact' link above. You can learn to play guitar and several other modern and early plucked instruments. Many stiles and directions are possible, according to your skills' level and wishes. I usually don't use a fixed method but adjust it to my student and his goals. It is very important to determine which music style is more appealing to you (pop/rock, jazz, classic) and which are your favorite songs, pieces you would love to play. Lessons can be in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Tuition is as follow:


Lessons for Children


20 minutes - 55 CHF
30 minutes - 66 CHF
40 minutes - 73 CHF
50 minutes - 81 CHF
60 minutes - 88 CHF


Lessons for Adults


30 minutes - 77 CHF
40 minutes - 83 CHF
50 minutes - 93 CHF
60 minutes - 99 CHF





I have been teaching electric guitar and band in many music schools in Switzerland: Musikschule Oberdorf, Musikschule Luterbach and Musikschule BeLoSe (Bellach, Lommiswil and Selzach) among others. I am currently teaching at the Musikschule der Musik Akademie Basel in Riehen and the Jugendmusikschule Dornach.

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