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and creative collaborations

    with modern and historical plucked instruments

   with Raphael B. Mayer (Nautilus Sound Studios,


  • SRF, TV-Serie “Der Bestatter” (CH), series 1 to 7             

  • TV und Kino-Filme: 

        “Jetzt Erst Recht” (AT 2019)

        “Amen Saleikum” (CH 2019)

        “Who’s Afraid of Alice Müller” (CH 2021)

        “Zoé&Julie: Hidden Marks” (CH 2016)

        “Anna in Switzerland” (CH 2014)

  • Smartphone-Apps and Video Games soundtracks: 

        “Tangle Tower” 1 und 2, (UK 2009 - 2021)  

        “Chocolate Riders" (2012)

        “Detective Grimoire" (UK 2013)

Arrangements for private recordings and pop / rock projects

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